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Covered food box (ukufan) in cinnabar-lacquered wood.

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Covered food box (ukufan) in cinnabar-lacquered wood.


This is one of the three ceremonial items (NUUMEUSURII). Rice was served with this, called UKUFAN, which was used for ceremonies and banquets at a castle. This two-tiered food box has a raised lid, and top of the lid and each tier feature astragal pattern. HIDARIMITSUDOMOEMON, the family emblem, and BOTANSHIPPOUTSUNAGIMONYOU were inscribed on cinnabar-lacquered wood with sunken gold. The curved edge of the lid and the curved bottom part of the body were made by KENTAIKOUZOU (wrapping thin strips of wood or bamboo around a concentric form).

Data ListNational Treasure: Ryukyu King Sho Family Related Documents
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