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1.Basic Policy

On Naha City Historical Museum website, names, addresses, phone numbers, e-mail addresses and other personal information which can be identify an individual will be held in the strictest confidence as per “Naha City Personal Information Protection Ordinance” deal with it properly, respect our users’ privacy and attempt that the users can browse safe and secure.


2. About Collection of Personal Information

Usually, users are able to browse our webpages through the Internet without providing personal information.
We will declare purpose of use clearly when we need personal information and use the information minimally.
Supplies of your personal information would be based on your express agreement.
As for a safety net of collecting personal information, we will arrange SSL (Secure Socket Layar) cryptographic technology and others on personal information entry page.
This makes information traveling across the Internet coded and be able to prevent information leakage on the route to our pages.


3. About Use and Provision of Personal Information

We will use personal information supplied by web users via our page within a range of possibility you have been informed beforehand and will not make available to third parties unless we have your explicit consent or required by laws and regulations.


4. About Management of Personal Information

We will strictly manage your personal information you have provided and take measures to protect against divulgation, loss or damage.
We will promptly and surely discard or delete personal information which is no longer necessary.