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Costume in BINGATA dyeing

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Costume in BINGATA dyeing


This is a chest garment for women called DUJIN, and it was worn with KAKAN. Large Chinese Phoenixes, peonies, unfolded fans and auspicious clouds are dyed on yellow-colored silk crepe. Chinese phoenix and peony patterns are not only used for women and boys of the royal family's costumes, but it is also drawn on NORO's fan. Noro is the priestess who is appointed by the royal government. Its ground color is dyed with vegetable dyes, and the blue color is a mixture of Prussian blue and lead pigment, and a mixture of vermilion, Laccifer lacca Kerr and other ingredients are used for the red color.

Data ListNational Treasure: Ryukyu King Sho Family Related Documents
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